Valentine's Day 2021 Menu

We are excited to put up our 2021 Valentine's Day menu. Yay! Order by Thursday and pick up on Friday! We hope to see you here!

Southern Soul & Latin Flavor

Chef Wendy Cruse serves her special Southern Cuisine at EATS Highland as well as a taste of Cuban-inspired Latin flavors. From her Tostones & Maduros to her Fried Green Tomatoes with a Spicy Garlic sauce, everything is a treat to eat.

Dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen

All preparation, cooking, etc. is performed in our dedicated Gluten Free facility. We have celiac and are careful of allowing gluten into the building, with the exception of beer (but never in the kitchen!). Everything is Gluten Free but the beer! ...and we do carry a great Gluten Free beer from Belgium if you are interested...

Our Food & Fun

We like to make great food and we like to have fun!